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Lord Howe Island Freight

Lord Howe Island


Time Critical
When your business depends on it.
When your business relies on machinery, parts or people these resources are time critical, depend on Macquarie Air to get it there...           


Air Charter
Anywhere in Australia
Whether it is freight, passenger or scenic flights, a holiday or business. Macquarie Air's air charter service is a time and cost effective option.            
Flight Training
Aircraft Endorsements Available
Learn, train and get endorsed on Macquarie air's fleet of piston and turbine aircraft, all training is conducted on the NSW Mid North Coast.           
&¦8220;A piece of machinery required for the operation of our mine was damaged irrepairably the closest part was in Northern NSW. Macquarie Air had our part at our Airport by the end of the day..&¦8221;  Mike Ryan Wynard Mining Group                                
Tell us what you really think...
Macquarie air is becoming one of Australia's fastest growing Air Charter companies, as well as doing things right we want to do it well. We want you to tell us what you think. What we do right or what we can do better, we want to know.. 
We're ready when you are...
We know and respect the importance that you and your business has getting people, freight and equipment or what ever you needs quickly at minimal notice..