air charter solutions
Reaching new heights
Aeronautical Experience
Our instructor qualified pilots have a vast level of experience, with a positive attitude and real life charter playing a big part of their aeronautical experience
Aircraft Endorsement
When your business depends on it.
Types available:
  • Pacific Aerospace Corporation 750XL,
  • Partenavier P68B,
  • Piper PA-31 Chieftain/Navajo,
  • Cessna 310.
  • Price on request           


Multi-Engine Endorsement
A must for any commercial pilot
With over 95% of Commercial Aircraft in the twin category you can't afford to not have this endorsement in your Logbook.. call (02) 65 82 7771 for a quote.            
Turbine Endorsement
For those with big ambition
Turbine endorsements are available on our PAC750XL. Being a mid sized single engined aircraft this makes it a more viable option for a commercial pilot with bigger ambitions..  Call (02) 65 82 7771 for quote           
“A piece of machinery required for the operation of our mine was damaged irrepairably the closest part was in Northern NSW. Macquarie Air had our part at our Airport by the end of the day..”  Mike Ryan Wynard Mining Group                                
ICUS Packages Available ...
Commercially qualified pilots have the option to take flight time on some MACQUARIE AIR operations. Learning first hand in real life air charter situations make for invaluable experiences .. 
Train on NSW Mid North Coast
All training is conducted on the New South Wales Mid North Coast at the Port Macquarie Airport..